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Real Property Tax Service - Department 10

About the Department

The Office of Real Property Tax Service maintains and continually updates the Real Property Data Base on a daily basis with the most current information available for each property in Franklin County. Based on this information the tax maps are kept updated which can be linked up to each parcel in the Real Property Data Base. This data base is the basis for all property tax bills within the County, including all municipalities, school districts and special districts and is vital intellectual property. Also the tax maps are a very useful tool for the Assessors and the public. "The law provides that a tax map is prepared for the use of Assessors, therefore, a tax map is to be used primarily for Real Property Assessment and Taxation Administration." It is intended to be used only to describe the parcel for the purpose of Assessment Levy and Enforcement of Taxes (Opinion of Council: Book 5 Page 93). The department works in conjunction with municipal assessors and government agencies to ensure assessment rolls are equitable and are properly maintained, and provides other support services to municipal assessors as needed. The department also maintains their own portion of the County Web Site ( under the Real Property Tax Services Department) with such information as the posting all the Assessment and Tax Rolls and various other helpful information along with a web-based GIS mapping application, wherein the County tax maps are available on-line.




2019 SCHOOL Tax Rolls will be filed September 1, 2019 and can be viewed the same day at link below. 

2019 FINAL ASSESSMENT ROLLS were filed July 1, 2019. (To view see link below)

2019  VILLAGE Tax Rolls were filed June 1, 2019. (To view see link below)

2019 TENTATIVE ASSESSMENT ROLL were filed May 1, 2019. (To view see link below)

2019 TOWN & COUNTY Tax Rolls were filed January 1, 2019. (To view see link below)

2018 SCHOOL Tax Rolls were filed September 1, 2018. (To view see link below) 





Tax Maps can be purchased in the Real Property Office or by calling 518-481-1502 to place your order:

Prices if picked up in person: Tax Map $7 Tax Map with Photo overlay $12

If to be mailed to you add $2 (for one map)


School Tax Relief (STAR) Credit Program-New 2016 (see link below) 

Easy-to-use Online Real Property Transfer Form (Form RP-5217-PDF), (see link below)


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

8:00am - 4:00pm

County Routes (PDF - 49.7 KB)
Property Class Codes (PDF - 49.5 KB)
Tax Rate Functions (PDF - 36.0 KB)
This map can be purchased for $12 in the Real Property Office 518-481-1502
This map can be purchased for $12 in the Real Property Office 518-481-1502
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