Information, Referral and General Assistance


    Providing information about items and issues of interest to seniors is one of the key services of the Office for the Aging.  Questions can be addressed to office staff by contacting us at 518-481-1526.  Individuals in the southern part of Franklin County can use the toll free number:  1-800-397-8686, ask for extension 526.

    Referrals & general assistance:  If a question or concern is better addressed by another agency, you will be referred to that agency by our staff.  If you need assistance dealing with another agency for such things as applying for benefits or resolving a problem, our staff will be glad to assist.

    The Office for the Aging also contracts with the Association of Senior Citizens in Franklin County to provide trained workers to assist you individually, either at one of the 8 local adult centers, or in your home, if needed.

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